2016 Warrior Roster

We would like to thank everyone for coming out for the 2016 Warriors Summer Baseball Program. The final roster is listed below.

  • Chris Filippone
  • Griffin Garcia
  • Donovon Garcia
  • Zac Cropper
  • Will Farrell
  • Adam Fischel
  • Jalen Davis
  • Cameron Lee
  • Carson Streicher
  • Michael Blackwood
  • Cameron Kenny
  • Adam Fisher
  • Nolan Hales
  • Cole Sennott
  • Eddie Rull
  • Ryan Burrell
  • Micah Goodwin
  • Camaron Koury
  • Ryan Lowder
  • Richard Taveras
  • Brayden Heidel
  • Thomas Jones

There will be a Parent/Team Meeting Tuesday May 31st @ 6pm at Lutz Baseball where the tryouts were conducted.
I will have Schedules, Jerseys and Rosters to hand out and I will also to relay other important information. At least 1 Parent must be present. All players must Attend.